Richard Frisbie
Author, advertising and publishing consultant, former editor of Chicago and other magazines, former creative director of Campbell-Ewald and other advertising agencies. For more information, click here. Or see Who's Who in America or,

Margery Frisbie
Consulting editor, historian, poet and author of several books. For more information,  click here or

An Alley in Chicago: The Life
and Legacy of Monsignor  
John Egan
, by Margery
Frisbie. Commemorative
Edition with a new introduction
and conclusion by Robert  A.
Ludwig. Sheed & Ward, 2002,
$16.95. Now in bookstores.
Old-Timers' Reunion: Reflecting on Early Days in Arlington Heights, by Margery Frisbie. Paperback, 60 pages, $6.95 plus $2 S&H from Frisbie Communications, 631 N. Dunton Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60004.
Also in stock at the  Arlington
Heights Historical Museum or by
special order from .

Life Together: Poems by Margery Frisbie

ISBN: 9780965808514

$6 plus $2 shipping & handling

Published by Frisbie Communications

445 W. Erie St., Suite 104

Chicago, IL 60610


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