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The Uncommentator
BLOGS and GLOBS:  I have been writing a blog since 1966, only I didn't know  it. In those days, it came out in the form of a
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The Uncommentator, and tried to make it amusing.  To read some of my favorites, see contents.

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The Uncommentator: Story of the Day

Creepy Cables

May, 2016–"As best I can see, it’s plugged in." I heard myself saying these words to my wife, while trying to explain why our Bose speaker suddenly won’t turn on. We both laughed. In the same cabinet we’ve used since the days of CRT TVs, we have crammed the following: modest-sized HD TV, cable box, Roku 2, VCR/VHS combo and the Bose auxilliary speaker.

It’s not readily apparent what’s plugged into what because the cables and power cords dangle behind the various units and hang down behind the shelves. The obvious culprirt was the battery in the Bose remote, but that tested OK. So now what? I should mention that it takes seven remotes to run all this.

Not generally known is the fact that the poltergiests who haunt computer software have cousins who infest a wide swath of technology–especially cables and power cords. Writhing like serpents of evil intent in the night, they unplug themselves and sometimes connect to something enirely different.

Such installations are often called "home entertainment centers." Such a designation seems inappropriate for the not especially entertaining struggle with the cable demons.

Footnote: After I wrote the above, the Bose speaker seemed to have repaired itself. No human sacrifice was required.

Richard Frisbie

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